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United Bank Limited, Karachi                                                                             Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree 


  • Less than 1 Year of experience 

Jobs Responsibilities:

  •  To receive all types of applications (Purchase, Redemption, Conversion, Pledge, Transfer etc.} and Forms (Online Access, KYC, Customer Profile etc.} and strictly follow the defined Cut-Off timing for each funds and plans.
  •  Screening of all application as per Compliance and Policies of the company for prevention of complaint generation and to examine application forms received in order to check whether it is properly filled out and Investor signature is present on the form. To affix time stamp on all application forms received after examining the same along with his/her initials.
  • To check that supporting documents are properly attached along with application forms.
  • Update/forward investor applications by (fax/scan/email) in timely manners & ensure submission of original
  • Re-check the contents of Redemption and Conversion Forms in lmpro (such Zakat Status, Signing Instructions i.e. either or survivor, singly or jointly Operated etc.), to avoid any delay in redemption payments. In case any requirements, timely inform the client and obtain the necessary documents before sending it to Operation Department for processing.
  • To match the details in provisional acknowledgment receipt with the Purchase form in order to ensure data accuracy
  • Timely initial data entry and transactions in TS2. If there is any technical issue, immediately consult with concerns at IT Division
  • To ensure timely transfer of funds through Cash Management, SWIFT, Debit Authority, RTGS (or any other method}/timely and immediate deposit of received cheques for purchase of units and provide the required copies of Deposit Slips along with relevant form.
  • Facilitate & provide all required informatim1 to Ops to track fund realization for issuance of units & timely intimation to ops in case of cheque bounce or not realized. Processor will be responsible to provide Fund Clearance Report (FCR) /Deposit Log Sheet/ Non FCR to Ops Office on priority basis
  • To report SWIFT and Form R to the Trustee and UBL for Inward Remittance and coordinate with them for prompt funds realization in respective bank account

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