Senior Manager Marketing & Communication-Lahore

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By Indus Hospital and Health Network, Karachi                        Qualification:

  • MBA in Marketing or Equivalent     


  • 15 Years of brand development & digital marketing experience                                                                                  

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Plan and develop a comprehensive Marketing strategy and plan of action based on major health events / calendar of internal activities at IHHN (Indus Hospital & Health Network).
  • Develop and plan promotional programs and tactics to promote IHHN. Ensure quality coverage to derive maximum mileage from key IHHN events, major achievements, Projects, and Ongoing initiatives.
  • Ensure effective team communication throughout the marketing department through the application of suitable reporting systems and structures.
  • Develop and execute 360 Media & Marketing Campaigns of IHHN. Oversee delivery of inter-departmental marketing and media jobs. Strategic level coordination with Creative Agency and Social Media Agency. Oversee daily basis coordination of marketing team with the Creative Agency and Social Media Agency. Aggressive follow-up with media for coverage of the event, pre and post-event hype, to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Overseeing the presence of IHHN marketing and public awareness collaterals be placed at different parts of the city (donation boxes, flyers, pamphlets, standees etc.)
  • Deepen relationships with all media to ensure the most effective messaging and positioning of IHHN. Responsible to maintain relations with key target media personal. Responsible for developing documentaries and TVC’s for IHHN with support from independent production houses. Maintain calendar of Events and ensure best mileage for IHHN. Oversee preparation of development of press information/collateral for distribution to media reps.
  • This includes drafting press invitations, developing press releases, profile interviews of key Indus spokespersons, third-party testimonials, feature stories, write-ups about IHHN   etc.
  • Responsible for ensuring active running of IHHN website & Social Media pages. Developing a healthy strategy for IHHN Campaigns on Social Media.

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