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Pakistan Single Window (PSW), Islamabad                                  Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software engineering, or a similar relevant degree


  • Knowledge of Linux ubuntu, load balancers, NGNIX web servers, dockers and mail servers.
  • Linux Administration Administering Ubuntu (20.0 or above) Linux Servers User & Group Management Securing File Systems with Attributes and File ACLs
  • Upgrading Linux server with Resolving Vulnerabilities (CVEs).


  • Patching Linux Kernel and Security patches, BUG fixes
  • Upgrading Linux System with oracle KSplice and up track (Online and offline both) Configuring Local ULN Mirror (Offline Package Repository)
  • Configuring and managing Linux SAMBA Server Configuring and Managing Linux DNS (Name Server). Configuring and managing Linux Directory Services (LDAP) Management of Linux Services & Process Securing Linux with Firewall (Firewall-D, Iptables and UFW) Managing Linux. Storage and Partitions
  • Configuring and Managing PVs, VGs and LVMs Auto Scheduling. Linux Jobs with at & Crontab Recovering RedHat, OEL and Ubuntu Lost root passwords.
  • Configuring Linux send mail and postfix MTA Server with SMTP relays along with monitoring SMTP logs and other smtp issues. Maintaining files and Logs of different applications on the Linux Servers. Managing Ubuntu Packages Configuring Nginx as a reverse proxy Configuring Nginx Cluster Installation of MY-SQL and MariaDB on Linux along with post Configuration Installation and configuration of Apache Web Server Monitoring Load and resources on Linux Servers.
  • Managing Spaces and storages on Linux Servers Managing Squid server Docker Working with docker container and images Managing docker container images Writing docker file and deploying docker image with docker file Working with docker-compose file Working with docker networks. Managing docker ENV with complete CI/CD pipelines Managing docker with Jenkins and GIT Load Balancer Load Balancer configuration (With NGINX). Configuring HA (High availability Server) with Keepalive-d or HAProxy
  • Configuring Keepalive-D with Nginx Load Balancer HA (High availability Server). Experience with any Load Balancer like F5, Citrix or Kemp will be added advantage. Ansible Installing and configuring Ansible on Any Linux Server Configuration of ansible inventory and password less connections. Running Ad-HOC command with Ansible Writing Ansible Playbooks and running them on different servers with crontab job scheduling Scheduling. Flat-filled backups with Ansible Mail Server Administration Administration of Office 365 admin portal, its security, user creation, group, mailing list, troubleshooting, and reporting
  • Configuring office 365 SMTP Relay (both open relay and close relay OR MTA) Configuring Mail Traps for DEV environments Configuring.
  • Mass Mailing Services Trouble shooting postfix and SMTP related Issue on Linux

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