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Shift Miller-Manama, Bahrain 17 hours ago

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Ways to Get More Work Done When Working From Home

Working from home offers comfort, flexibility, and freedom from many of the usual office constraints. It also offers challenges and distractions to productivity. But, thankfully, those are not insurmountable. Discover eight ways to get more work done from home andmaster the remote work lifewith ease: Dress for Work When the U.S. and the rest of the world went into lockdown

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Career Advice

6 Great Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

In interviews, hiring managers and recruiters will inevitably ask, “So, do you have any questions for me?” And when they do, you better have at least a few questions prepared to ask. As for which questions you should ask, below are six great ones, all of which will show that you’ve prepared for your interview and are very interested in

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Career Advice for College Students: 5 Tips to Build a Strong Foundation

College years are all about that hustle and bustle. From attending classes and parties to tackling exams and social life, there’s little spare time on your hands. Even so, college years are crucial for career building. It’s the right time to not just think about your career aspirations but also to take action. In this post, we share some actionable

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