Our Services

Executive Search

Our team of Recruitment Consultants has delivered exceptional results in executive talent search for our clients by attracting senior-level leaders including Board Members, Presidents and heads of all functional disciplines in the Pakistan and Middle East region.

Mass Recruitment

We devise a specific recruitment plan, less time consuming and more cost effective, to satisfy the goals of our clients’ recruitment campaigns / overseas trips. We have the tools and capacity to attract a significant number of recruits selected from our own internal database, job portals, advertisements, job fairs, referrals, universities and social networks.

Manpower Supply

We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labors to our clients in all sectors at the following different levels in a short, medium- and long-term basis.

Site/Construction/Project Manager/Supervisor, Foremen, Surveyor, Document Controller, Project Coordinator, Architect, AutoCAD/Draftsman, Site/QC Engineers, Storekeeper, Welder, Labors, Fitters, Assistants, Building Cleaners, Carpenters, Masons, Plumbers, Concrete/Foundation Workers, Shuttering Carpenters, Machine/Crane Operators, Electricians and Scaffolders.

Transport/Logistics/Warehouse Manager / Supervisor, Inventory Controller, Fleet Officer, Maintenance Supervisor/Technician,  Light/Heavy Duty Delivery Driver, Loaders, Coordinator and Crane Operator.

Support Services Manager/Supervisor, Accommodation Officer, Maintenance Supervisor/Technician, Plumber, Cooks, Helpers, Cleaners, Office Boys, Drivers and Security Officers/Guards.

Sales/Marketing/Distribution Manager/Supervisor, Salesmen, Merchandisers, Warehouse Officer/Helper and Crane Operators.

Developers, ​Database Administrators, IT Technicians, Helpdesk Officers, Programmers, Riggers, Telecom Engineers/Technicians, Post Processors, Consultants and Drivers.

Please contact us for more details as every client has different tailored requirements.

Areas of Expertise

We are moving ahead successfully towards the path by providing the IDEAL candidates to our clients in almost all sectors.

Building & Construction

Transport & Logistics

FMCG/Retail & Commercial

Manufacturing Industry

IT & Telecom

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Hospitality & Food Services

Consulting & Support Services

We are here to assist you by providing the best tools and platform you need to land the IDEAL job you deserve. We have a great team of certified HR Professionals, Career Development Experts.. Read More