Applied Cryptography Engineer-London, UK

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By Proton Mail, Switzerland                                            Qualification:

  • MS in Computer Science or Mathematics (or equivalent)

Professional Skills & Experience:

  • Low-level knowledge of crypto primitives, how they work, and how to securely implement them.
  • Experience developing crypto libraries.
  • Knowledge of, or willingness to learn, PHP (the language we use on the backend), Kotlin and/or Swift (the languages which we use for the mobile apps).
  • Experience reading, implementing and perhaps even writing RFC-style specifications 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • High-level knowledge of cryptographic building blocks, including what they guarantee and when and how to use them and Experience with secure application development, a good understanding of security best practices, and a keen eye for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Knowledge of, or willingness to learn, JavaScript and/or Go (the two languages in which our cryptography libraries are written) Background in computer science (algorithms, data structures, software design, maintainability, etc)

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