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By Common Criteria Pakistan, Ministry of Defense, Islamabad                                                                            Qualification: 

  • PhD/MS in a relevant discipline of Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering such as Cyber Security, Information Security, Network Security, Information Technology, Information Assurance, etc.


  • Minimum of twelve years’ experience of working in the versatile areas of information security evaluations at any relevant department, organization or agency at management positions.
  • Knowledgeable of all relevant standards and publications pertaining to the specific tests (e.g. FIPS140-x, Common Criteria, PSS, Quantum and Post Quantum Cryptography NIST Publications, ISO27k, CIS-CAT benchmarking etc.) found on the lab’s scope.
  • Professional Certifications in Cyber Security and Information Security such as CISSP, CISA, Common Criteria Certified Evaluator, ISO/IEC 27001 LA/LI, ISO/IEC 17025 LA would be a plus. Preferably PSS and Common Criteria trained and certified.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for overall administration and technical activities of labs and Supervise conduct of forensic investigations, product screening and evaluations activities. Manage of evaluation investigations and evaluation progress, meetings and correspondence.
  • Ensure that thorough, precise and comprehensive evaluation reports are being prepared.
  • Ensure that procedures for creating, storing, configuration management (CM), accessing, archiving and disposing of security assessments and product screenings & evaluations activities records are being followed by teams and Provide technical summary of findings in accordance with established reporting procedures. 

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