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Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Karachi                               Job Code: GMT                                                            Qualification:

  • Engineering Graduate (16 years of education), preferably mechanical


  • 17 years of post-qualification experience including 5 years’ experience in senior management / leadership role. Experience of working in Oil & Gas Sector shall be preferred.   

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the transmission network operates efficiently so as to ensure gas supply to all designated customers while minimizing supply interruptions and supervise all related activities in this regards.
  • Conduct transmission network simulation studies and analysis for existing, future indigenes and gas import infrastructure. Formulate the gas network strategies and development in line with business requirements. Conduct project management activities including project scheduling and Coordination, liaison with construction and operation department & supervision.  Coordinate with Planning & Development department to plan, design, feasibility, budget, recourse management, co-ordination, implementation, control and monitoring of the gas pipeline projects to rehabilitate and enhance the existing pipeline network as per various gas pipeline growth requirements. Prepare the revenue and capital budgets of the department and implement/monitor the approved budget of the department. Schedule & ensure pipeline repairs and modifications plans to ensure continued transmission of gas to customers. Guide a team of engineers involved in different activities of pipeline projects through prompt downward communication and authority delegation to gain best output/efficiencies for time bound target. Review projects progress reports for management / board and ministry and ensure effective liaison. Establish gas transmission or distribution procedures and policies according to safety requirements and international best practices. Implement policies and procedures to minimize UFG losses and support UFG department in this regard. Centralize gas dispatch and control along with accurate computation/verification of gas volume at gas sources, RLNG (Re gasified Liquid Natural Gas) delivery points and city gate stations for proper decision making and record keeping. Manage, motivation and train the department’s staff. & ensure efficient UFG control in Transmission Network. Prompt and effective response to any leakage or mishap on the pipeline system so as to minimize environmental impact and loss of life and property. Ensure that gas is purchased and delivered to consumers in accordance with contractual conditions and manage load and reporting/recording of gas. Supervise/monitor operational issues after signing of GSAs (Gas Sale Agreements); route surveys, detailed drawing and construction drawings. Keep adequate vigilance of pipeline right of way and civil maintenance work and oversee pipeline Integrity Management.

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