Geoscientist Rock Physicist-PPL, Karachi

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Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Karachi    Requisition ID 393                 Qualification:     

  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in geophysics/geology or related discipline from a local or foreign institution / university recognized by the Higher Education of Pakistan.      An advanced degree in rock physics modelling would be preferred.    


  • 5 years of hands-on-experience in rock physics interpretation and modelling.   

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for conducting rock physics diagnostic/and modelling in connection with seismic petrophysics for quantitative interpretation of conventional and unconventional resources to support business objectives and integrate technical products into the broader subsurface workflows and Able to carry out quality control (QC) of well data, conditioning and integrated petrophysics and rock physics modelling.
  • Capable of supporting seismic quantitative interpreters in generation and application of rock physics models such as compaction, stiff, sorting and cementation.
  • Able to support seismic interpreters in the QI of seismic amplitude, frequency/or phase anomalies associated with changes, including in porosity, lithology, fluid content.
  • Capable of supporting rock physics team to generate pore-pressure prediction and 3D mechanical earth model (from geophysical (seismic) data.
  • Able to derive anisotropy at different scales, build velocity and structural models by incorporating information from surface seismic, well log data, geologic interpretation and proprietary basin knowledge.
  • Capable of adopting subsurface best practice guidelines and tools and develop methods and workflows for rock physics modelling and Practical knowledge with required skills of both geology and geophysics as well as complete understanding of rock physics.
  • Working knowledge of seismic inversion and amplitude/AVO analysis techniques and key industry software such as Power log / Tec log, RokDoc, Petrel and Hampson-Russell

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