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Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Karachi                               Job Code: 8288-01                                              Qualification:

  • MBBS 


  • At least 2 years of experience. MCPS shall be preferred  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for managing operations and administration at the medical centre.
  • Ensuring compliance with the roles, responsibilities, functions and procedures assigned to him as per the manual and shall exercise due diligence and care in discharge of his responsibilities.
  • Ensure attendance and punctuality of doctors and staff at the medical centre. Ensure medical policies and procedures are being complied which includes medical referrals, sick leaves and record keeping.
  • Review the history of patients (particularly chronic patients) in the system on a regular basis and shall ensure that the history is regularly updated by the doctors. Establish whether the doctor has conducted necessary procedures for treatment of a particular case and whether a referral to a panel facility was justified in the circumstances or not, it shall also include compliance with the disease protocols in monthly performance reports. Report emergency cases to the In-charge Up-country Medical Centre for approval/ratification. Report the performance of medical centre to the In-charge Up-country Medical Centre on periodic basis. Conduct medical audit of doctors on a test basis. A medical audit shall include assessment of performance of company doctors by: Auditing medical book at random. Making regular observation of clinical examinations conducted by the company doctors. Assessing on the spot validity of referrals (such assessments shall be subjective and may not be valid for all cases). Make necessary efforts to prevent unnecessary hospitalization and related expenditures on the inpatient cases in his centre.
  • Visit panel and non-panel hospitals on the instructions of in charge up county medical centre to ascertain.
  • Physical appearance to actual patients, verification of their identity, adequacy of medical facility provided to them and Investigation undertaken/to be undertaken and proper indications. Appropriateness of treatment provided. Justification of the duration of hospitalization. Advise on discharge of the patients.
  • Report to In-charge Up-country Medical Centre on monthly basis including the details of cases visited, the results of visit and the actual status of planned visits.
  • Comply with urgent calls for specific visits and investigations as given by the In-charge up country Medical Centre.

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