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Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Karachi                               Job Code: RMGM                                                            Qualification:

  • Graduation


  • Relevant experience preferable                                              

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop, update and implement, a distribution O&M plan for the region covering regulators & relief devices, corrosion control, leak detection, unaccounted for gas, repairs & new construction, service lines, regulators and customer meters, system integrity management and compliance reporting for respective SBU head and regulatory bodies and Ensure that an inspection program is in place to check regulators and relief valves at specified intervals for the physical condition, relief sizing capacity, pressure of relief devices and regulators. Verify that staff conducting inspections are adequately trained and are competent. 
  • Ensure maintenance, safe custody and proper use of manuals, diagrams and maintenance procedures for each device and Ensure that inspection records are maintained as per defined standards and appropriate technical help is timely requested for problematic devices. Oversee the implementation of defined procedures to maintain a corrosion control program for the assigned piping system within the region.
  • Ensure that procedures for design, installation, operation and maintenance of a cathodic protection (CP) system are regularly followed.
  • Ensure that adequate coating and CP system installation is completed for new pipelines within the required timeframe. Monitor the qualification and training status of the staff carrying out pipeline corrosion control procedures to ensure they perform their tasks effectively.  Ensure that the frequency of examinations of exposed pipes and electrical surveys to determine cathodic protection for assigned pipelines are planned and executed as per test points shown on CP system maps and appropriate leak detection surveys are carried out for situations where electrical surveys are not possible. Ensure that records of CP tests, surveys and inspections are maintained as per company policy and applicable regulations.
  • Ensure that appropriate leak management plans are maintained by respective sub regions or zones to discover and repair leaks on gas piping that are or could become hazardous for human life or property. Ensure that leak survey technicians or contractor staff are trained and qualified in the operation of the leak detection equipment to perform leak surveys, are well versed with the leak survey procedures, leak classification, recognition of hazards and pinpointing. Review the process of prompt investigation on gas leak reports through appropriate tests including soap solution bubble test or a suitable leak detection instrument such as a Combustible Gas Indicator (CGI), a Flame Ionization Detector (FI), a Methane Detector or other instrument or method as specified by the company for the situation at hand.
  • Ensure that adequate records of all leakage surveys, leaks found, and actions taken, such as leak repairs or monitoring are maintained, including records of leak reports received from customers.
  • Ensure that available records of the gas pipeline system maps within the region are regularly updated and maintained in safe custody.  Provide inputs to regional office in preparation of system development and rehabilitation plans.  Ensure that construction and installation activity is carried out by adequately trained and qualified staff or contractors with due regard to safety protocols for excavation, precautions against damage, recording and reporting of any damages, metallic and plastic pipe installation and joining procedures, etc. Ensure that repairs to and replacements of existing lines are carried out according to the written prescribed procedures by trained and qualified personnel specially welders, fitters and coat/wrap workers, in line with the rehabilitation or maintenance plan with due regard to safety procedures and followed by leak surveys of adjacent pipelines to detect additional leaks from movement of the damaged pipe(s). Ensure that specifications and engineering documents for materials, instruments and equipment approved are safely maintained and ensure that all materials including pipes, valves, flanges & accessories, regulators and pressure protection equipment and welding materials etc., received and used is in accordance with the approved specifications. Ensure that before installing service lines, regulators and customer meters, due regard is given to prescribed procedures, including consideration of accessibility, protection from damage, use of approved operating pressure, proper location of valves and protection of people from release of gas at the meter.
  • Review reports on zonal functions related to sales, customer services, maintenance, HSE compliance, HR and Admin, Accounts, metering, measurement, corrosion controlling, progress on new project development and security and vigilance issues etc. 
  • Prepare budget for the respective region and consolidate budgets submitted by zones.
  • Ensure correct classification of domestic, commercial and industrial customers for the purpose of using applicable tariff. Ensure that regular surveys and patrolling trips are organized within the assigned service area.
  • Ensure timely response to complaints received from customers directly via contact center and customer facilitation center or through PMDU, OGRA, and Wafaqi Mohtasib via Corporate Communications department. Provide guidance to zones with respect to bill recovery measures in order to meet the revenue targets and prevent losses.
  • Ensure uninterrupted supply of natural gas to customers during their respective peak hours within the assigned service area. 
  • Monitor any threats to distribution pipeline.
  • Ensure maintenance of emergency plans and staff training on those plans.  Ensure timely emergency response in case of gas leakages and customer complaints. 
  • Ensure proper health, safety, environment and quality assurance in accordance with the relevant international ISO standards (ISO 45000, ISO 14000 and ISO 9000). Identify risks within the assigned service area and suggest mitigation actions.

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