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Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Karachi                               Job Code: GMCC                                                            Qualification:

  • Master’s Degree  


  • Minimum of 14 years of experience including 4 years in leadership role. Experience of working with electronic / print media shall be preferred  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the development, review and finalization of the communication policy for SSGC.
  • Ensure the team is aligned and activities of the department are carried out accordingly. 
  • Develop working relationships with key stakeholders including media to project a positive image of the organization and for smooth functioning of the department Ensure team is responsive to media / regulatory authorities and other stakeholders are provided timely and accurate information to avoid any negative publicity for the organization.
  • Ensure that any news related to the company on social media, digital or print media is shared with the senior management. and Monitor news, ensure timely responses to media by approving responses prepared for media queries and news, as well as approve rebuttals, clarifications, press release. \
  • Review and approve content to be posted on the organization’s social media pages (Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, and YouTube), and ensure timely and well drafted responses which will portray a positive image of the organization.
  • Identify / explore various revenue generating avenues through innovative / out of box ideas and transform corporate communication department into a profit center function and Evaluate proposals for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives presented by team. Assess the feasibility to invest in projects, assess its alignment with organization’s vision, and guide team to assess impact on community.
  • Shortlist relevant ones for consideration by senior management and provide approvals as and when required and Review progress of CSR activities implementation and guide team to modify strategy as and when required to achieve the desired results.
  • Review media campaign plans, provide input, and monitor execution in collaboration with the relevant departments and media agency to ensure maximum outreach. Monitor response and advice on changes if required. Ensure that SSGC is well represented in external events, right platforms are selected for advertisement/communication of messages and opportunities for collaboration with other entities are explored to maintain and promote a favorable image of the company. Finalize material designed including annual reports, company newsletter, advertisements, publications etc. Provide input to ensure high quality and alignment with strategy. Ensure timely distribution and printing. Manage department’s expenses against the allocated budget and ensure/approve related payments in accordance with the budget. Finalize the presentation of data to be sent to Government bodies including Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Ministry of Energy, Prime Minister Delivery Unit (PMDU) Standing Committee, National Assembly and other regulatory authorities/. Review and approve policies and processes related to the Department to ensure ethical, sustainable and effective policies that will help to achieve the Department’s goals. Ensure that complaints received through Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) are effectively and efficiently resolved. Address to respective SSGC departments to resolve such complaints within a period of 40 days otherwise it may lead to direct escalation to the Prime Minister’s office.
  • Ensure the respective departments’ response to queries, complaints and request for specific information in terms of completeness and accuracy before submission.
  • Administer complaints made by industrial and commercial consumers (including CNG) regarding connections, Gas Infrastructure Development Cell (GIDC), and disconnections.
  • Transform Corporate Communication Department into profit center function. 

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