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By Tractebel Engineering S.A Dubai Branch                                Qualification:

  • civil engineer/engineering geologist specialized in Soil mechanics and material engineering sciences. It is expected that the Material


  • At least 3-4 years of experience of site supervision works on works such as concrete and general infrastructure development in the Civil Engineering field, along with his field of expertise.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring of sampling and testing procedure.
  • Monitoring and management of contractors testing of materials and confirming that the contractor is establishing a process to win the required material.
  • Monitor the Concrete as well as earth fill / rock fill dam embankment tests conducted by the contractor at the dam site in order to confirm the quality of materials and construction of the embankment method such as thickness of spreading, numbers of rollers passes, quantity of water to be spread in the material at different stages to achieve better results, etc.
  • Provide quality control guidelines and assist Contractor to maintain the same.
  • Analyze the test data. Monitoring of the laboratory testing and ordering audit testing as required.
  • Responsibility of undertaking detailed mapping, and geological model development and evaluation.
  • Undertake other tasks related to his field of expertise to achieve the successful completion of the project.


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