Senior Program Manager Early Childhood Development-Durban, South Africa

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IRD Global Health, Research and Development, Singapore      Job Code: HRD-GL/09-018                                                               Qualification:

  • Master’s in early childhood education/Development or Master in Developmental/Child Psychology       


  • 8 to 10 years of relevant work experience.      
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills in English. In addition, need to be able to communicate in Zulu, Xhosa, or Afrikaans

Jobs Responsibilities:

  • Set up systems and protocols to develop a network of ECD centers across 4 provinces in South Africa.
  • Collaborate with partners to ensure the development of a high-quality training of ECD teachers. Work with partners and technical experts to develop and iterate home kits for community-based ECD practitioners. Work with a technical consultant to develop and implement ECD program delivery quality assurance protocols. Work with partners and field teams to develop mechanisms to ensure regular attendance of children in the community and center-based classes. Working with Public Sector Liaison
  • Lead to identify and scope new sites for the expansion of playhouses and Consolidate and share insights with Project Director and Oversight Committees.
  • Write reports and draft presentations for donors, partners, and for dissemination where appropriate. Work with IT consultant and Data Systems.
  • Lead to develop an ECD data collection application and lead the implementation of application throughout the program and Manage a community engagement team that builds trust, relationships and community buy-in for the GoGoPlay program (ECD centers, mental health services etc).

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